MADE: A Career Initiative

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What is MADE?

Launched in 2016, the Downey MADE program takes students on an experiential journey of active career exploration. Within the program, students choose a career pathway linked to a sequence of classes. These classes are tied to specific industry sectors. Ultimately, MADE students develop technical and transferable skills that are unique to a particular career pathway.


Culinary Programs

Career pathways allow students to begin their career as part of a normal school day.

Students may enroll in a career pathway, where their high school coursework will simultaneously include standard courses necessary to enroll in a university as well as career specific courses so they may begin building their professional network and skills in a supportive, constructive environment. With options ranging from Animation to Welding, ask an academic counselor to find out what pathways are available.


Extracurricular Programs

Extracurricular programs allow students to learn professional and practicable skills outside of the classroom.

Through partnerships with professional and nonprofit organizations, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of internships, industry outreach programs, and competitions. They include opportunities to gain hands on experience in a workplace or to interface with role models in the field they want to pursue.

What You Can Achieve

Industry-based technical skills

Professional workplace skills

Acquire industry certifications

Dual enrollment in college courses

How to Get Involved?

Warren and Downey High Students

Talk to your academic counselor about what programs are available.

If you're not sure who your counselor is, contact your school and ask to speak to the guidance office.
Warren: (562) 869-7306
Downey: (562) 869-7301

Future Students

Contact us by email or phone about your area of interest.

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