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Students who participate in MADE career pathways have the opportunity to enroll in classes that will teach them valuable job skills in a wide variety of industry sectors. When they learn about a topic, they are not just learning the basic skills needed for creating a product; they get to experience the entire process and learn about every aspect of what goes into the business of that product. Even if they start with no knowledge or experience, MADE students will be prepared to step directly out of the classroom and into internships and jobs with a deep understanding of their profession and how to advance and be successful in it. Every pathway has courses available for students of every grade level, and many include capstone projects for juniors or seniors to showcase their growth over the course of their education.

More pathways and additional course information will be added soon, but you can talk to your academic counselor or contact us for more information or to ask about other opportunities.

Arts, Media, and Entertainment

Visual arts and performance pathway classes will educate students on their choice of visual arts, including presentation media such as graphic design, animation, photography, dance, and video production. By utilizing industry standard software and learning professional techniques, students produce top notch visual entertainment, and finish high school ready to work in a studio or gain admission to and excel at prestigious trade schools that will take them to the next level.

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Building and Construction Trades

Pathway courses in the building and construction industries will prepare students to apply a wide variety of practical skills, including every aspect from an empty piece of land to a completed structure. As part of their coursework, they will learn about laying a concrete foundation and using woodworking to frame walls and roofs, as well as how to make a building internally functional, with running water and electrical power. They will also have the unique opportunity to take on the role of a project manager, learning to solve problems and make project proposals, reinforcing math and science skills at the same time. By framing, building, and completing an actual house in their classes, they will be creating and following a framework for their career success.

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Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Students who participate in these pathway classes become teachers at the same time, working with youth while they learn the best methods of doing so, including career opportunities as education professionals in and out of the classroom. Students will learn about human growth and development, development theories, safety, communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and various special needs populations. Throughout the pathway, students will participate in public speaking, problem solving, analytical reading, expository writing, and using various technology tools designed for classrooms settings. Upon graduation, they will be prepared to continue their career training through partnerships with Cerritos College and Cal State Long Beach.

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Engineering and Architecture

These pathway courses give students a head start and a major advantage for university studies required to go into the engineering and architecture fields. Through tackling problems that engage and challenge, students explore a broad range of engineering topics, including mechanisms, the strength of materials and structures, automation, and kinematics. Students in this Pathway will become adept at combining physical science knowledge, mathematical insight, creative design, organizational skills, data analysis, and critical thinking to accomplish their goals. Students will also learn how to document their work and communicate their solutions to their peers and members of the professional community, skills which will let them advance in their future engineering firm.

Fashion and Interior Design

MADE students have the unique opportunity of enrolling in Makeup Artistry pathway classes, which empower them with the practical skills and networking and coordination competencies needed for jobs in the entertainment industry. In addition to normal makeup products, they will utilize latex, gelatin, plastic, and other materials to create the special effects like frostbite, bullet wounds, or aging that are seen in movies and television. The proximity to Hollywood means that students have access to learn from award-winning professionals that bring real-world experiences. Beyond practical applications, students also learn about the chemistry of their craft and health and safety best practices.

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Health Science and Medical Technology

Students taking classes in biotechnology or sports medicine get the chance to explore a wide variety of related career options, and learn interrelated skills involved in each. They get to learn about every aspect of how the human body functions, from how diseases attack individual cells to how the muscles and organs work interconnectedly to help someone run a race. The learning is enhanced by the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology and get hands-on experience such as dissecting real organs. In addition to the in-depth science behind the variety of jobs in this industry, they will also practice the interpersonal skills to interface with peers and patients in whatever setting they choose.

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Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

Students who participate in the food service and hospitality pathway will work in a real industrial kitchen in school to learn to prepare real professional, quality meals. They will study health and safety practices and requirements, and practice the intricacies of preparing food from around the world. They will also hone the people skills necessary to excel in a field where teamwork and friendly service are crucial. By graduation, they will have the experience, skills, and certifications that will allow them to go straight into a job at a restaurant or hotel, or to get accepted at a culinary arts college.

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Students who enroll in the automotive technology pathway will be laying the groundwork for a career fixing cars as a mechanic or designing cars as an engineer, or anything in between. Going well beyond simply changing oil and tires, students will study the components and subsystems of modern automobiles, gaining a thorough and comprehensive understanding of how they work and how they function together, all while reinforcing math and science class material. And because they get to use industry standard equipment in real, hands-on scenarios, graduates will have the practical skills to begin work or attend a trade school or four-year university.


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